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Pathra - Temple village unveiled

Traversing a narrow, dusty trail along the mighty Kangsabati River had been a thrilling escapade.

Eat Out

Summer Salads

With the heat of summer fast approaching, new trends in healthy dining dictate a switch to the ‘humble’ salad.

Car Review

Old Fort Ghat – Today’s Fairlie Place Ghat

A midst the most renowned quays of the city there is a jetty-ghat that stands out for certain reasons.

Technical Guide

Salt Lake Bailey Bridge - VIP Road to AE Block

In the absence of a bridge over the Kestopur Canal, until recently,motorists had to take a detour via Ultadanga and EM Bypass to reach Salt Lake City from VIP Road (Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue).


Rabindra Sarobar Car-Parking

Imagine yourself parked in the quietude of a sprawling parking lot, where the air is surprisingly light and pure, the diffused sunlight filters through the tall trees.

Automobile News

Living it up in Good Times

The end of World War II ended years of car shortages and petrol rationing, and raised the excitement of the country becoming independent.

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