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Motomag is India's premiere video content based, digital weekly magazine.

Published by Kolkata Motomag Private Limited, this new-edge video magazine is home to interactive, attention-grabbing motoring related news, infos, entertainment and more.
Motomag aims to educate and empower the Indian car owners with relevant contents regarding motoring, car ownership, legal help, driving tips and more… all through a highly responsive audio-visual format.

The basic car owners are Motomag’s target audience, who often feel alienated due to the technical jargons and archaic content style of the existing motoring magazines. From choice of automobile to technology, legal regulations to history, road-trips to essential driving knowledge… everything you can ask for right at your fingertips. With 12 years of expertise, the dedicated Motomag team exactly knows your wants and has designed the website to cater to your needs. Join and explore a whole new world of motoring with Motomag.

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